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Title: Evaluation of Different Loss Models for Runoff Estimation
Authors: Dandapat, Asit Kumar
Sahoo, Sanat Nalini
Keywords: GIS
SCS-CN model
Green-Ampt model
Error indices
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Citation: 22nd International Conference on Hydraulics,Water Resources and Coastal Engineering(HYDRO), Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India, 21-23 December 2017
Abstract: For planning and management of land and water resources, watershed basin is a most suitable unit. The estimation of runoff volume of a watershed is an important aspect in environmental impact assessment, flood forecasting, engineering planning and water balance calculations. If runoff estimation is improper, then basins show trouble in maximum watershed resources management. So, exact estimation of runoff is an accurate solution. In the current study, different loss models like SCS-CN (soil conservation services-curve number) model and Green-Ampt model (GAM) have been employed for runoff simulation. Drainage map, elevation map, land use/land cover map, slope map and soil map of the watershed are prepared using remote sensing and GIS approaches as an input data to the SWAT hydrologic model. The main focus of the study is to compute the runoff with the help of hydrological model in Subarnarekha river basin (SRB). In my paper, water balance component runoff has been computed, after that validated the results also and lastly checks the performance of the model. Based on error indices parameter namely as mean square error (MSE), root mean square error (RMSE), nash sutcliff error (NSE), bias model (MB) and coefficient of determination (R2)-outcome indicates that the SCS-CN method have low runoff estimation compared to GA infiltration method.
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