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Title: Identification of Urbanization Growth Trend for Ahmedabad City in India Using Remote Sensing and GIS
Authors: Sankalp, Sovan
Sahoo, Sanat Nalini
Keywords: Urbanization
Impervious area
Total Impervious Area
Effective Impervious Area
Geospatial techniques
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Citation: 22nd International Conference on Hydraulics,Water Resources and Coastal Engineering(HYDRO), Ahmedabad, Gujarat,India, 21-23 December 2017
Abstract: With increasing urbanization and population pressure, the barren ground is altered from undisturbed soils to disturbed soils, which multiplies fast growth of impervious areas in cities. An impervious area is a modified surface that prevents water from infiltrating into the soil. Hydraulically connected impervious areas are denoted as effective impervious area (EIA) and hydraulically disconnected are denoted as non-effective impervious area (NEIA). The summation of above two impervious covers amounts to the total impervious area (TIA). Impervious surface data is important for urban planning and environmental and resources management. Therefore, remote sensing of impervious surfaces in the urban areas has recently attracted unprecedented attention. The estimation of TIA is comparatively simple as compared to the estimation of EIA, despite the fact that later is viewed as more proper for hydrologic studies. In this paper, emphasis was given on the estimation of impervious area (TIA) for the year 2000, 2010 and 2017 to scrutinize urbanization growth of Ahmedabad city in India using medium resolution satellite imageries by using geospatial techniques under the ArcGIS 10.1 platform. The more hydraulically relevant EIA is estimated using an empirical equation derived from the whole basin or sub-basin parameters from the estimated TIA. A graphical demonstration of the estimated EIA and TIA for different years is illustrated to analyze the rate of urban expansion.
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