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Title: Structural, Dielectric and Magnetic Studies of Mn doped Y type Barium Hexaferrite (Ba2Mg2Fe12O22)
Authors: Abdullah, Md. Faruck
Pal, P
Mohapatra, S. R
Yadav, C. S
Kaushik, S. D
Singh, A. K
Keywords: Barium Hexaferrite
Issue Date: Dec-2017
Citation: 62nd DAE Solid State Physics Symposium, Mumbai, India, 26 – 30 December, 2017
Abstract: The polycrystalline single phase Ba2Mg2Fe12O22 (BMF) and Ba2Mg2Fe11.52Mn0.48O22 (BMFM) were prepared using conventional solid state reaction route. We report the modification in structural, dielectric and magnetic properties of BMF due to 4% Mn doping at Fe site. Phase purity of both sample are confirmed by the Reitveld refinement of XRD data. Temperature dependent dielectric study shows decrease in dielectric constant (ε׳) and dielectric loss (tan δ) due to 4% Mn doping in parent sample. The ferrimagnetic to paramagnetic transition temperature (Tc) in doped sample decreases from 277°C to 150°C. Room temperature magnetization measurement shows ferrimagnetic behavior for both the samples. We have fitted the saturation magnetization data at 300°C by using least square method which confirms the enhancement of saturation magnetization and magnetic anisotropy constant in doped sample.
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