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Title: Performance Analysis of Multiantenna Two-Way Relay Network With Co-Channel Interference
Authors: Khan, Imtiyaz
Dhulipudi, Krishna Kanth
Singh, Poonam
Keywords: Two-way relay systems
Co-channel interferences
AF relaying
Overall outage probability
Asymptotic analysis
Symbol error probability
Ergodic capacity
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Citation: 11th IEEE Conference ANTS 2017, Bhubhaneshwar, Odisha, India, 17 - 20 December, 2017
Abstract: This paper presents the performance analysis of the multiple antenna two-way amplify and-forward (AF) relay network in an interference-limited environment. Multiple antenna system is considered to overcome the fading effect. To avoid the high feedback overhead and fully exploit multiple antenna diversity, we employ transmit antenna selection (TAS) at the user node and analog network coding (ANC) at relaying node. We are assuming the presence of multiple co-channel interference (CCI) at the AF relay and noisy sources, an approximate closed-form expression for the overall outage probability (OOP) is derived. To gain more insight into system performance high SNR analysis is done and asymptotic expression for OOP is obtained. Furthermore, upper bound on ergodic capacity (EC) and approximate expression for symbol error probability(SEP) are derived. The tightness of our analysis is attested through Monte Carlo simulation and provides the insight into the impact of CCI under the general operating conditions and the key system parameters on overall system performance.
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