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Title: Analysis of Deformation Behaviour of Al-Ni-Co Thin Film during Nanoindentation: A Molecular Dynamics Study
Authors: Reddy, K. Vijay
Pal, Shehanshu
Keywords: molecular dynamics simulation study
Al-Ni-Co Thin Film
Issue Date: Nov-2017
Citation: 17th International Conference on Thin Films, New Delhi, India, 13 - 17 November, 2017
Abstract: In this molecular dynamics simulation study, we have performed nano indentation tests on Al-Ni-Co alloy thin film deposited on an Al substrate at 300 K temperature. We have also studied the effect of film thickness of the alloy on the deformation behaviour (e.g. 3 nm, 4 nm, and 5 nm film thickness). Common Neighbor Analysis (CNA), Centro Symmetry Parameter (CSP) analysis, and Dislocation Analysis (DXA) have been performed to understand the structural transition during the nanoindentation deformation process. The interaction at the interface of thin film and substrate has been analyzed by investigating the movement of atoms near the interface by means of atomic trajectory analysis. Whereas Voronoi analysis has been performed to identify the various clusters formed during the deformation and study their contribution on the strength of the thin film.
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