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Title: Development of a Hybrid FSO/RF System During Link Misalignment
Authors: Kiran, Kappala Vinod
Rathore, Shikha
Turuk, Ashok Kumar
Das, Santos Kumar
Keywords: FSO
Hybrid FSO/RF
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Citation: International Conference on Networking and Network Applications(NaNA2017), Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu City, Nepal, 16-19 October 2017
Abstract: Free-space optical (FSO) link offers high data rate and low system complexity but suffers from atmospheric attenuation due to fog, scintillation, and link misalignment. Radiofrequency (RF) communication have lower data rates but are relatively insensitive to weather conditions. A hybrid FSO/RF communication is implemented to combine the advantages of both the systems for providing a reliable communication link. This work focuses on the design of an FSO/RF transmission module and highlights the experimental verication of outdoor FSO communication system in combination with the redundant RF application. It provides high availability of uninterrupted communication during link misalignment and also over adverse weather conditions. Hard-switching is performed between FSO and RF application depending on the feedback from the receiver about the link status. An image of different data rates has been transmitted successfully under the different link scenario
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