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Title: Application Oriented Sensor Database System
Authors: Satyanarayana, G S R
Chakraborty, Debarka
Das, Santos Kumar
Keywords: Serial communication
Ethernet communication
Socket programming,
DHT11 sensor
MQ2 sensor
SIM900 GSM module
Issue Date: Oct-2017
Citation: International Conference on Networking and Network Applications(NaNA2017), Soaltee Crowne Plaza, Kathmandu City, Nepal, 16-19 October 2017
Abstract: Sensor network, which is actually a collection of spatially separated sensor nodes, forms an integral part of smart city applications. The sensors used in the network must be interconnected with each other and must possess communication and data processing capabilities. Thus every layer of the city is being impacted. The data received from the sensors must be stored in the database and analyzed for different applications. The applications include traffic congestion management, fire detection, healthcare application and so on. This led to the evolution of sensor database system. In this paper, the interfacing of sensor using different communication technology such as serial communication, Ethernet communication etc. is being discussed. A client-server model is developed in case of Ethernet communication through socket programming done in python. The data obtained from the sensor is stored in the MySQL database through the python script running in the personal computer (PC). Finally, the data obtained from the sensors is analyzed for a fire detection application process. The sensors used for this purpose are DHT11 sensor and MQ2 gas sensor
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