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Title: Ruthenium-Catalysed Atom-Economic Transformations
Authors: Sarkar, Debayan
Keywords: Ruthenium Catalysed
Atom-Economic Transformations
Issue Date: Aug-2017
Citation: RSC Seminar, Kolkata, India, 18 August, 2017.
Abstract: At the heart of any chemical synthesis of a natural product or designed small molecule is the need to orchestrate a series of chemical reactions to prepare and functionalize a carbon framework. The advent of transition-metal catalysis has provided chemists with a broad range of new tools to forge C−C and C−X bonds and has resulted in a paradigm shift in synthetic strategy planning. The ruthenium catalysed C−C coupling reaction of propargyl alcohol and Michael acceptor has been demonstrated an enabling methodology for synthesis o α,β-unsaturated ketones as a single geometrical isomers of high yield in an atom-economical fashion. The synthesized α,β-unsaturated ketones are the precursor of poly-substituted piperidones and hexahydroisoquilininones which are the central backbone of many biologically active natural products and pharmaceutical drugs.
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