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Title: Model based Predictive Control of the Four Tank System
Authors: Prusty, Sankata B
Pati, Umesh C
Mahapatra, Kamala K
Keywords: Proportional-integral-derivative controller
Model Predictive Control
Four Tank System
Issue Date: Apr-2017
Citation: International Conference on Advancement in Energy, Drive & Control (ICAEDC-2017), ITS Engineering College, Greater Noida, UP, India 7-8 April 2017
Abstract: This paper deals with the implementation of Model Predictive Control (MPC) in a Four Tank System (FTS). The nonlinear model of FTS has been de-veloped from the mechanism modelling. The FTS is a typical application with nonlinear, coupling and time delay characteristics which can be utilized to exam-ine different control algorithms. The aim of the process is to keep the liquid level in the tanks at the reference values. This problem is solved using different control methods such as proportional-integral-derivative (PID), internal model control (IMC), MPC, and Fuzzy Modified Model Reference Adaptive Control (FMMRAC). The MPC allows closed-loop solution to the optimization problem to be obtained off-line. A general MPC control is applied to the FTS and different performance indices as well as error indices are calculated. The responses of these controllers are corroborated and are compared with other control algorithms through simulation. The simulation results show that good tracking performance is attained.
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