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Title: Formability Behavior Studies on CP-Al Sheets Processed Through the Helical Tool Path of Incremental Forming Process
Authors: Markanday, H
Nagarajan, D
Keywords: Incremental sheet forming
Helical tool path
Thinning; Springback.
Issue Date: Mar-2017
Citation: Internternational Conference on Advances in Metallurgy, Materials and Manufacturing(ICAMMM), Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Government College of Engineering, Salem, Tamil Nadu, India, 6-8 March 2017
Abstract: Incremental sheet forming (ISF) is a novel die-less sheet metal forming process, which can produce components directly from the CAD geometry using a CNC milling machine at less production time and cost. The formability of the sheet material used is greatly affected by the process parameters involved and tool path adopted, and the present study is aimed to investigate the influence of different process parameter values using the helical tool path strategy on the formability of a commercial pure Al and to achieve maximum formability in the material. ISF experiments for producing an 80 mm diameter axisymmetric dome were carried out on 2 mm thickness commercially pure Al sheets for different tool speeds and feed rates in a CNC milling machine with a 10 mm hemispherical forming tool. The obtained parts were analyzed for springback, amount of thinning and maximum forming depth. The results showed that when the tool speed was increased by keeping the feed rate constant, the forming depth and thinning were also increased. On contrary, when the feed rate was increased by keeping the tool speed constant, the forming depth and thinning were decreased. Springback was found to be higher when the feed rate was increased rather than the tool speed was increased.
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