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Title: Modelling of Slope Stability Analysis with Vegetation
Authors: Rao, K Shambashiva
Das, Sarat Kumar
Keywords: Slope Stability
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Citation: International Conference on Recent Advances in Mechanics & Materials (ICRAMM), VSSUT, Burla, India, 17-18 December 2016
Abstract: Soil erosion and landslides are the two great concerns in the hilly terrains of the world. The presence of root system in the soil plays good role in increasing the stability of the slope .The hydrological and geo mechanical effects due to the vegetation increases the stability of the slope. The hydrological effect due to the vegetation is related to the soil suction regime and the geo mechanical effect is related to the reinforcement provided by the root network in soil. In this paper, the mechanical effect of vegetation on the slope stability is calculated. The effect of vegetation on the stability of slope is calculated using (i) equivalent cohesion approach and root (ii) root as a pile approach. The analysis was done as per finite element package PLAXIS 3D is used for stability analysis of the slope. The effects of the layers of the vegetation on the stability of slopes are considered. The effect of diameter and spacing of the trees are also considered. The present study will help in modelling the effect of vegetation on the stability of slope and further study is required to validate the present study with that of field trials.
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