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Title: Spirituality: The Science of Self Realization, its application to transform present Engineering & Technical Education in India (In the light of Indian Philosophy ‘Kāśmīra Śaivism’)
Authors: Verma, Surabhi
Keywords: Spirituality
Kāśmīra Śaivism
Self Realization
Technical Education
Issue Date: Jan-2017
Citation: 4th International Conference on Transformations in Engineering Education (ICTIEE 2017), Jaipur, India, 11-12 January 2017
Abstract: The most dangerous and misleading concept about Spirituality is the seated and settled concept of false connectedness with the religion and its practices which imposes the thought to consider something external to be the most powerful entity and bestow oneself for the profitable advantages under fear or participate in the practices compulsorily without understanding the real underlying scientific cause among the students of the Engineering and Technical Education or more or less likely to be present among every common person presently in our country ‘India’. This thought is the root cause which has destroyed the scientific era of advanced knowledge of Bhārata, and made the space for ignorance and unwillingness towards the shinning glorified advanced Engineering and Technology related knowledge sources of Bhārata. The horrific tool of destroying the ‘Bhāratīya Śikṣā paddhati’ has resulted into the lack of knowledge of Saṃskṛta and this lack has created a state of language paralysis generating a pedigree of those students who are not able to access any source of bhāratīya vijñana which has been encoded in Saṃskṛta and of much advanced state. Today there is high demand of time that we should turn towards the reality and enlighten our technical students with the very important fact of life to be a better human first; afterwards scientist or engineer; to use our own body and mind as a laboratory of exploring and investigating the ideas rather than making an external atomic industry for destruction, to search for the peace and ultimate seed of life, to see the universe same from within and outside both, to feel the sympathy and have empathy for all, to understand the own heritage of śāstra and explore the ideas propounded there long back in our history about different technologies whether it is Indian metallurgical system known as rasa-śāstra, or Indian aeronautical system known as Vimāna-śāstra; and many more others like that. This can only be done when we become able to explain the real meaning of ‘spirituality’ and will be able to culminate the virtues and ethics in shaping out their ‘buddhi’. Whatever comes as good or bad ultimately comes from the mental constructs and shaped psychology, so all the mental exercises must be focussed towards creating a curiosity of the seed of life, purpose of life and search of the right path for that journey through which one can realize oneself. Spirituality is neither a religion nor a custom, it is the realization of oneself; it is to understand one’s delimitations and merging oneself in one’s own mega universal form. For this purpose when we search the path, we can come across many practices, but selection is totally dependent upon our own intellect. If a practice is for the destruction, killing and giving pain to others, it can never be a tool to realize oneself. This paper is going to highlight the science of spirituality and how its application is the need of the hour in the present Engineering and Technical Education System in India.
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