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Title: Polar Nature of (1-x) Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8 )O3 - x (Ba0.7Ca0.3 )TiO3 ceramic Near Morphotropic Phase Boundary
Authors: Dash, Smaranika
Mohanty, H S
Kumar, Ashok
Sen, Shrabanee
Pradhan, Dillip Kumar
Keywords: Polycrystalline ferroelectric
Polar Nature
XRD Pattern
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Citation: International Conference on Technologically Advanced Materials & Asian Meeting on Ferroelectricity(ICTAM-AMF10), New Delhi, Delhi, India, 7-11 November 2016
Abstract: The lead free polycrystalline ferroelectric samples of 0.45Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8 ) O3 -0.55(Ba0.7 Ca0.3 )TiO3 have been synthesized by auto combustion technique. The room temperature XRD pattern reveals the formation of single phase compound. The temperature dependent dielectric measurement for both poled and unpoled sample has been carried out. The temperature dependent dielectric properties shows a high dielectric constant (ɛr ) value of 5880 around Tc =95 0C (for poled) and 5869 around Tc =89 0C ( for unpoled) sample. The I-V characteristic shows a symmetric behaviour for both positive and negative applied electric field. The sample shows a saturated ferroelectric behaviour for both poled and unpoled case. From P-E hysteresis loop, the remnant polarisation (2Pr 0 ) and coercive field (Ec 0 ) for are found to be 5.39μC/cm2 , 4.672 kV/cm (poled sample ) and 3.44 μC/cm2 , 3.893 kV/cm (unpoled sample ) respectively.
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