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Title: Mechanical Properties of Unidirectional and Woven Lamina FR glass composite by using Finite Element Analysis
Authors: Mhetre, Yogesh
Pal, Snehanshu
Keywords: Unidirectional Glass fabric/Epoxy composite,
Woven Glass fabric/Epoxy composite
Mechanical Properties
Solver ANSYS Workbench R15.0
Issue Date: Nov-2016
Citation: 4th International Conference on Advances in Materials and Materials Processing (iCAMMP-IV), IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal, India, 5-7 November 2016
Abstract: In this paper equivalent stress, equivalent strain, total deformation, directional deformation, and temperature distribution are calculated during performed simulated tensile test, bending test and cyclic loading of unidirectional and woven glass fabric surrounded by epoxy resin matrix using Finite Element Method. The simulation for static structural has been carried out at 22o C (Room temperature) under a stress 100N in Y-direction for evaluating tensile strength and 100N in Z-direction for bending strength. Structural cyclic tests (8 cycles) have been undertaken for GFRP, at a stress ranging from 50N – 100N, time duration of each cycle consisted of 60 seconds, comprising the total analysis time 481 seconds. A temperature of 300o C is employed for thermal analysis. The simulation based study for tensile strength, bending strength and temperature distribution across the GFRP unidirectional composite and GFRP woven composite inferred that, woven GFRP composite possesses better mechanical properties over unidirectional GFRP composite. All the simulations are performed by using Sparse Matrix Direct solver method ANSYS Workbench R15.0, using Augmented Lagrange method formulation in the contact region.
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