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Title: Application of Shiono and Knight Method in Asymmetric Compound Channel Flow
Authors: Devi, K
Khatua, K.K
Khuntia, J.R.
Keywords: Shiono and Knight Method
Secondary flow
Eddy viscosity
Depth averaged velocity
Boundary shear
Issue Date: Dec-2016
Citation: 21st International Conference on Hydraulics, Water Resources and Coastal Engineering (HYDRO 2016 International), Central Water & Power Research Station (CWPRS), Pune, India, 8-10 Dec, 201
Abstract: During flood, the river overflows either side of its flood plain is known as asymmetric compound channel otherwise it is called as symmetric one where, it inundates both side flood plains. Due to the three-dimensional structure of flow, modeling of depth averaged velocity and boundary shear stress in an asymmetric compound channels is an exigent task. The analytical solution to the Shiono and Knight Method (SKM), accounts three governing parameters i.e., bed friction, lateral shear and secondary flows for this complex flow phenomenon. In order to investigate the influence of these coefficients on flow parameters in an asymmetric compound channel, experiments were employed in smooth beds. Measurements were made to find distributions of boundary shear stresses and depth averaged velocity. Some experimental data sets from large flood channel facility and from investigations made by other researchers have also been used in this study. The variation of three calibrating coefficients i.e., eddy viscosity coefficient (), friction factor (f) and secondary flow coefficient (k) with different geometric and hydraulic parameters have been discussed. The usefulness of these coefficients for application in SKM has been suggested. The study will helpful for accurate determination of boundary shear and depth averaged velocity distribution in asymmetric compound channels.
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