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Title: Blended evaluation: A paradigm change in higher education by the use of ICT
Authors: Chinara, S
Sahoo, R
Dwivedi, A
Keywords: Blending
Issue Date: Jul-2016
Citation: International Conference on Innovative Research in Computer Science, E-learning, Information & Communication Technology (CSIT- 2016) organized by Krishi Sanskriti, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, 7th May 2016.
Abstract: Teaching and learning are the continuous processes where one can gain, share and evaluate the knowledge. Since ancient time, conventional class room teaching and conducting examination are predominant in the teaching learning process. However, the development of ICT has brought a revolution by outreaching millions of students at a time to share the knowledge in real time. Blending of the conventional method with ICT has made the education system time-flexible, economic and efficient. The examination writing has been replaced by online quizzes, mobile apps, and discussion forums for face-to-face interaction. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have made the teaching learning process still simpler and interesting. This paper discusses the blended method of teaching learning, evaluation and discussion. The detail design of a mobile quiz application for on-the-fly evaluation has been discussed thoroughly.
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