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Title: Improving GPR Signal Modelling for Efficient Characterization of Multi-layered Media
Authors: Maiti, S
Patra, S K
Bhattacharya, A
Keywords: Ground penetrating radar (GPR)
Green’s function
Inverse modelling
SFCW radar
layered media
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Citation: 16th International Conference of Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR 2016), Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Hong Kong, 13 - 16 June 2016
Abstract: We propose a plane wave model (PWM) which is derived based on analytical solution of a full wave model (FWM) applied to ground penetrating radar (GPR) signal propagation in layered media. The computation efficiency of PWM is enormous, and accuracy is comparable to FWMs. In this model, reflections from different interfaces and their higher order terms are expressed separately resulting in infinite number of terms for the forward model computation. The mathematical expression of PWM becomes complicated as the number of layers increases, and higher order reflections are considered for better accuracy of the model. It is observed that by applying suitable time window and limiting order of reflections based on GPR system dynamic range, the PWM expression can be simplified to a great extent. The effectiveness of the proposed method is verified by inverting synthetic data of a three layered (3L) media.
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