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Title: Research Data Management: A Practical Approach to Overcome Challenges to Boost Research
Authors: Gunjal, B
Gaitanou, P
Keywords: Research Data Management
Knowledge Organisation Systems
Policy framework
Information Retrieval
Best Practices
Issue Date: Jun-2016
Citation: IASSIST Conference, 31 May-3 June, 2016
Abstract: With the advent of new technologies integrated with research data management tools has led to a great revolution in the automation and digitization in libraries to provide innovative services that cater to the modern “smart” users’ needs. At the same time, adoption of various policy frameworks for managing the data and workflow systems along with other Knowledge Organisation Systems (KOS) such as Metadata, taxonomies, ontologies that enable the interoperability of research data that enable information retrieval pose challenges to the information professionals. The expectations of the library patrons are increasing day-by-day, as the required information need to be made available on their fingertips within the short span of time. Within this framework, Research Data Management (RDM) plays a crucial role in the information management and dissemination of research data. The paper will first present a brief overview of RDM, detailed literature review regarding the RDM aspects adopted in libraries of the world. It will also describe several tendencies concerning management of repository tools for managing research data and also the showcase the associated challenges in implementing the RDM. This will also depict the proper planned training and skill development for all stakeholders by mentors to train both staff and users are some of the issues that need to be considered to enhance the RDM process. An attempt will be tried to depict and present the suitable policies with a policy framework and workflows with adoption of best practices in RDM will boost the research process in an organisation. This study also aims to showcase the implementation and use of research data management and the process adopted in the Technical Institute of India referring particularly to the Central Library @ NIT Rourkela, Odisha, India. Finally, the paper will conclude with some remarkable results, regarding the literature review study as well as the case study presented.
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