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Title: Honeypot-Based Intrusion Detection System: A Performance Analysis
Authors: Kondra, J R
Bharti, S K
Keywords: Control cente
Honeypssot farm
Virtual honeyd.
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: 3rd International Conference on Computing for Sustainable Global Development (INDIACom), New Delhi, India, 16-18th March 2016
Abstract: Attacks on the internet keep on increasing and it causes harm to our security system. In order to minimize this threat, it is necessary to have a security system that has the ability to detect zero-day attacks and block them. “Honeypot is the proactive defense technology, in which resources placed in a network with the aim to observe and capture new attacks”. This paper proposes a honeypot-based model for intrusion detection system (IDS) to obtain the best useful data about the attacker. The ability and the limitations of Honeypots were tested and aspects of it that need to be improved were identified. In the future, we aim to use this trend for early prevention so that pre-emptive action is taken before any unexpected harm to our security system.
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