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Title: Surface Runoff Assessment due to Opencast Coal Mining and Its Management
Authors: Sahu, H B
Prakash, N
Equeenuddin, S M
Patel, R K
Keywords: Surface Runoff Assessment
Opencast Coal Mining
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Publisher: MGMI
Citation: 6th Asian Mining Congress and Exhibition, Kolkata, India, 23 - 27 February 2016
Abstract: Energy security is essential for development of a nation, and coal is contributing to 55% of the total production of energy resources in India. Opencast mining, accounts for 86% of India's coal production and is the preferred method of mining. Opencast coal mines make excavation activities on the natural surface of earth and thereby affect the hydrology of the area. Hydrological impact assessment due to opencast coal mines is one of the major concerns for each mine. The situation needs to be studied and analyzed particularly for rainy season, as proper understanding is required regarding scale of generation of surface runoff from the extensive area of mine excavation, overburden dump, coal stock yard, railway siding etc. so that it can be managed properly. On the other hand, there is huge water demand in the mining area to fulfill the daily requirement during non monsoon period. Therefore, it is essential to have a proper plan for management of surface runoff for each mine in order to avoid the surface runoff being discharged to the nearby areas. In this paper, the findings of surface runoff assessment for a large opencast coal mine in the state of Odisha have been presented. Suggestions for effective management of the huge quantities of surface runoff have also been discussed.
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