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Title: Yogic Journey of Human Consciousness
Authors: Verma, S
Keywords: Human Consciousness
Issue Date: Mar-2016
Citation: International Conference on Yoga & Holistic Health, New Delhi, India, 12-13 March 2016
Abstract: The most desirable thing for Human beings is to get rid of all the pains. In the process of fulfilment of this desire, search of different methods of emancipation starts. In the course of this process, different philosophical schools of Indian wisdom evolved. The chain of these schools consists of a series among which Yoga became a popular doctrine; these days it has reached some more advanced level of popularity. Among the schools of Indian Philosophy, Kāśmīra Śaivism is also one of them. It has also laid down many noteworthy theories to explain the reality. When we talk about the Yogic Journey of Human Consciousness, the first and foremost question which comes to our discourse is regarding the "Consciousness". Whatever we understand or think is because of our ‘buddhi’. Buddhi is the means of cognition in the complete cognitive process and Consciousness is the object of cognition. When we pour water in some container, it takes the shape of that container. In the same way, we visualize the consciousness same as the nature of our container (buddhi) is. This thought is best described and established by the Indian Schools of Philosophy.
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