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Title: Quantum Walks of Spatially Extended Path-entangled Photons and Dynamics of Non-classical Light in Glauber Fock Photonic Pattices
Authors: Rai, A
Angelakis, D G
Keywords: Waveguides
Quantum walk
Issue Date: Jan-2016
Citation: Joint IAS-ICTP School on Quantum Information Processing, Singapore, 18-29 Jan 2016
Abstract: In this work we study the dynamics of squeezed states of light in Glauber-Fock photonic lattices. The behaviour of squeezing is investigated for different transverse positions of the squeezed state input. Our results show the revival and transfer of squeezing across the waveguide array. We also analyse the quantum walk of correlated and anti-correlated pathentangled photon states by studying the evolution of the coincidence rate at the output of the waveguide. We consider both the cases of small and large size lattice. In the case of a large lattice, we found that because of the quantum interference effect the dynamics of a separable state is significantly different in comparison to the path-entangled input states. For the case of small size lattice, we show the revival of the path-entangled input state.
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