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Title: Creep of die-cast MRI230D Mg alloy
Authors: Dehury, R K
Teja, V C S
Mondal, A K
Keywords: Magnesium alloy
Issue Date: Feb-2016
Citation: International Conference and Expo on Magnesium (iMagCon 2016), Chennai, India, 4th-6th February 2016
Abstract: MRI230D is a magnesium alloy containing Ca as one of the primary alloying element to enhance the creep resistance by forming C36 intermetallic lamellar phase along the grain boundaries. Creep behavior of MRI230D alloy was investigated using the impression creep technique. The tests were carried under constant temperature (423 – 513K) and constant stress (60 – 80MPa) by impressing a cylindrical punch on the specimen. From the microstructure and XRD pattern results of as-cast and after creep test specimens observed that the creep resistance of the alloy is mainly due to the increased volume fraction of C36 phase along grain boundaries.
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