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dc.contributor.authorPatnaik, B-
dc.contributor.authorGunjal, B-
dc.identifier.citationNational Seminar on "Sexual Harassment of Women at Educational Institutes (Prevention, Prohibition and Redressal)" Patan, Gujarat, 7-8 Jan 2016en_US
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dc.description.abstractSexual harassment has become one of the alarming symptoms of unhealthy work culture in recent times. Irrespective of gender, unsolicited sexual favours represent, among several others, aberration in the individual thought process. Instances of corruption, bribery and other forms of abuse indicate how an individual or a group is prone to exploit others to fulfill one’s selfish interest. The underlying thread in all of these exploitations appears to be a distorted conceptualization of self as well as others, within which an individual functions; a world where the person can violate the ethical boundary with ease, since his/her own interest is supreme and all other things become immaterial. Integral to this belief system, is an intrinsic disregard to the right of others to live with dignity. This paper focuses on the adoption and implementation of organisational best practices at workplace for the safety and prevention of sexual harassment. A mass sensitization regarding basic conceptualization of self and others is what is emphasized in this paper. The stimulation of individual mind is the first step in this regard. An opportunity to reflect about self as well others can help an individual to start looking within and restructure his/her own belief system. It can lead to an enhanced perspective-taking ability, through which the appreciation of self as well as others develops, leading to the formation of a healthy belief system. Therefore, people can be helped to become increasingly conscious of the basic fact that each individual is an independent free spirit having equal right to enjoy life with dignity. The growth of a belief system, that has an aroused sense of mutual right and duty to uphold the spirit of freedom, can be an asset to any work culture that aspires to become secure and productive.en_US
dc.subjectSexual harassmenten_US
dc.subjectBelief systemen_US
dc.subjectBest practicesen_US
dc.titleSexual Harassment: From Psychological and Adoption of Best practices Perspectivesen_US
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