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Title: Selective Data Transmission In SNR Based Clustered-Underwater Wireless Sensor Network (CUWSN)
Authors: Sahu, B
Khilar, P M
Keywords: SNR
Clustered-Underwater Wireless Sensor Network
Issue Date: Dec-2015
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: International Conference on Man and Machine Interfacing-MAMI'15, CVRCE, Bhubaneswar,India,17-19 Dec 2015
Abstract: In Clustered-Underwater Wireless sensor networks (CUWSNs), battery operated sensing devices are grouped and connected with each other through wireless interfaces. Energy and processing efficiency are the two important parameters in these systems.CUWSNs with reduced number of transmissions utilize less energy and prolong the lifetime of the network. In this paper, a new protocol is proposed which is named as selective data transmission in SNR based cluster(SCSD). In this protocol, clusters are formed and the cluster heads (CH) are chosen depending on the SNR values. The number of transmissions of the cluster head and the sensor nodes are reduced by selectively transmitting the data. It also avoids congestion problem This scheme has been implemented using NS3 and it is observed that residual energy of the sensor node is improved by 2 percent.
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