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Title: Measurements of intensities and nitrogen-broadened linewidths in the CO fundamental at low temperatures
Authors: Varanasi, P
Sarangi, S K
Issue Date: 1975
Publisher: Elsevier
Citation: Journal of Quanditative Spectorscopy and Radiative Transfer, Vol 15, Iss 6, P 473-482
Abstract: Intensities and nitrogen-broadened half-widths of lines R(0), R(8) and R(16) in the fundamental band of 12C16O have been measured at 83°K, 100°K, 150°K, 200°K and 298°K. The intensities of several other lines in the P- and R-branches of the band have also been measured at 298°K. The absolute intensity derived from the line intensity data using the Herman-Wallis formula is S°v = 273 ± 10 cm-2 atm-1 at S.T.P. A separate measurement employing the Wilson-Wells-Penner-Weber method has yielded S°v = 277 ± 4 cm-2 atm-1 at S.T.P. Both of these values are within 6 per cent of most of the previously published direct measurements of this parameter. The values for the line intensities reported earlier by other authors are lower by nearly 16 per cent.
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