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Title: Mechanical Property of Pure Magnesium: From Orientation Perspective Pertaining to Deviation from Basal Orientation
Authors: Sahoo, S K
Sabat, R K
Panda, S
Mishra, S C
Suwas, S
Keywords: Electron backscattered diffraction
Issue Date: 17-Apr-2015
Publisher: Springer
Citation: Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, 1544-1024, Springer, 2015
Abstract: Pure magnesium is subjected to cold rolling followed by annealing at 200 °C to obtain near-equiaxed grains of average grain size ~15 µm. The hardness of different grains/orientations of the annealed samples is estimated through consecutive characterization by nanoindentation and electron backscattered diffraction. It is observed that an increase in deviation from basal orientation decreases the hardness of an orientation. Orientations <14° from basal orientation have higher hardness compared to orientations at 14° to 28° from basal orientations. Subsequently, the texture and microstructure of pure magnesium are tailored to examine the correlation between volume fractions of basal orientations with the bulk hardness of the samples. A direct relationship of hardness with the volume fraction of basal orientations is observed. Magnesium with higher volume fraction of basal orientations has higher hardness.
Description: Copyright belongs to Springer
URI: 10.1007/s11665-015-1522-1
ISSN: 1544-1024
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