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Title: Duration of Use of Tech-Gadgets and its Impact on Health and Life-Style
Authors: Biswal, R K
Keywords: Technological gadgets
Life Style
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Citation: International Journal of Arts & Sciences (IJAS) Conference for Academic Disciplines; Katholische Akademie der Erzdiozese Freiburg, Wintererstr 1, 79104 Freiburg, Germany,2 -5 December 2014.
Abstract: Technological advancements have made our lives much easier and comfortable. Any technology is the product of a necessity. However, the use, over use and abuse of technology depends completely on our conscious decisions. Slavery to scientific inventions often boomerangs in multiple ways affecting our health and life-style. This observation led the present study to empirically verify how student population is affected by technological gadgets. The objective of the study is to find out how frequently students use their tech-gadgets and its impact on their health and life-style. The respondents are 150 students from one national level institute of India. They were asked questions on number of tech-gadgets they possess, services they avail, frequency and purpose of their use along with questions about their health and life-style. Findings of the study reveal that most of the students spend a large amount of their time with their tech-gadgets and services provided by them. The purposes of use in most cases are pleasure driven rather than necessity driven. Again, data also showed negative impacts on their health of and life-style.
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