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Title: Emerging Environmental Challenges in the Earth and their Mitigation Measures
Authors: Pal, B K
Keywords: Environmental Challenges
Mitigation Measures
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Citation: 7th International Congress of Environmental Research,R.V. College of Engineering Mysore Road, R. V. Vidyanikethan Post, Bangalore-560059, Karnataka, 26-28 Dec 2014.
Abstract: Any material removed from earth looses the natural form of earth, resulting in another dimension of environmental difficulty. This exploitation considers being the exception because without disturbing earth industrialization is not possible. This taking out the material from earth crust (called mining activities) creates misbalancing in earth structures creating different types of environmental problems. So time has come to analyze critically the different trend of challenges and its consequences-cum-implications. In this paper, the component and sub-components of different types of pollutions performed due to mining activities are found out. The response on Govt. and other private voluntary agencies on pollutions are collected and respective suggestions of Environmental Protection Agencies (EPA) are incorporated. Some of the important emphasized points are: i) increasingly complex environmental regulation and the need for multi-disciplinary decision making, ii) increased impact of environmental indicators and in environmental accountability, iii) information and communication technologies as tools in environmental protection, iv) the need for a sustainability ethics in industry, government and individuals etc. these points are categorized in the point scale to find out the Life Cycle Analysis (LCA). The increasing pressures placed on natural resources need to be met with an understanding of the need to use them wisely. While the responsibility has been traditionally placed upon industry, it is becoming increasingly important to likewise hold government as well as individuals accountable. An ethic for conservation, recycling, re-uses and other environmentally sound practices will be critical to ensuring sustainability. While the potential adverse consequences of population growth, economic growth and globalization, increasing energy consumption, new technologies and many other trends are more evident, they likewise present opportunities for less waste generation, less pollution, and beneficial ecological impacts. Efforts to address the adverse impacts of these trends can stimulate the development of environmentally beneficial technologies, products, or fuels, as well as the adoption of new, environmentally sound practices and processes. It is observed that earth is getting disturbed due to mining activities and as a consequence Geo-tectonic movement leading to earthquake occurs very frequently. Any industrialization depends upon getting the raw materials from earth crust. As a consequence scientific environmental analysis should be carried out before opening up the mines and care must be taken to improve the environmental quality and its mitigation so that eco-friendliness can be maintained.
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