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Title: A Novel Hybrid Technique in Spatio-Frequecncy Domain for Better Quality Image and Video Up-Sampling
Authors: Dhara, S K
Meher, S
Keywords: Discrete Cosine Transform
Local Variance
Ringing Artifact
Issue Date: Dec-2014
Citation: 11th IEEE India Conference (INDICON-2014) Emerging Trends and Innovation in Technology, IEEE Pune Section, Pune, India, 11-13 Dec 2014.
Abstract: Generally, at the transmitter video intra frame is sub-sampled by resizing the frame. It is very important to generate good quality high resolution frame from the receiver low resolution frame. The existing most of all up-sampling technique produce undesirable blurring and ringing artefacts. To overcome this problem, a novel technique is proposed here which use both space and frequency domain information. The proposed method use low frequency DCT (Discrete cosine transform) component to sub-sample the frame or image at the transmitter side. In transmitter side a preprocessing method is proposed where the received sub-sampled frame or image is passed through a Wiener filter which uses its local statistics in 3×3 neighbourhood to modify pixel values. The output of Wiener filter is added with optimized multiple of high frequency component. The output is then passed through a DCT block to up-sample. Result shows that the proposed method outperforms most of the widely used existing interpolation techniques in terms of objective and subjective measures.
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