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dc.contributor.authorKalia, J-
dc.identifier.citationIEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference (AEMC), 18-20 December 2013, , KIIT University, Bhubaneswaren
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dc.description.abstractMagic tee or hybrid tee is a 4-port microwave passive device and is commonly used for duplexing, mixing and impedance measurement in radar. The four arms of a conventional magic tee direct four different directions, mutually perpendicular to each other. This creates inconvenience when the device is used. To avoid this, an E-Plane folded magic tee has been proposed and simulated using CST Microwave Studio for X-Band radar applications. In the proposed design the collinear arms of the tee have been folded back parallel to the E-arm. So for the proposed design, the collinear arms direct same direction and thus easy to combine or divide power. The proposed design plays an important role in downsizing the microwave radar system and reducing the system weight without hampering its basic properties.en
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dc.subjectCrossed Polarizeden
dc.subjectScattering Matrix,en
dc.titleAn E-Plane Folded Magic Tee for X Band Applicationsen
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