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dc.contributor.authorPrusty, R K-
dc.contributor.authorRathore, D K-
dc.contributor.authorRay, B C-
dc.identifier.citationJournal of Advanced Research in Manufacturing, Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering, Vol.1, Issue 2, 2014, pp 1-25en
dc.descriptionCopyright for this paper belongs to ADR Publisheren
dc.description.abstractDemand for high strength and high toughness material with a light weight has always been a matter of concern. The specific properties of FRP composites make it a promising candidate for various structural applications. In the present article we highlight the strategies for obtaining FRP composites with enhanced interlaminar strength and toughness by various techniques. As strength of FRP composites are mostly limited by interlaminar properties, various ways to characterize the interfacial mechanical properties are narrated in the beginning. Further the ways to modify the matrix and reinforcement phases to obtain high strength and toughness are discussed. Effect of interleaving phase on mechanical characteristics is summarized. Various fiber architecture and their influences are also emphasized. Most of the strength characterization is discussed on the basis of flexural strength, interlaminar shear strength or tensile strength while the toughness is characterized through fracture toughness (stress intensity factor or critical strain energy release rate). Overall, this discussion gives a broad overview and technical viable routes to obtain a particular combination of strength and toughness.en
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dc.publisherADR Publisheren
dc.subjectpolymer compositesen
dc.subjectinterlaminar shear strengthen
dc.subjectfracture toughnessen
dc.subjectcompression after impacten
dc.titleAssessment and modification strategies for improved interlaminar properties of advanced FRP composites: A reviewen
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