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Title: Recrystallization Texture in Commercially Pure (CP) Titanium
Authors: Panda, S
Kumar, G
Mishra, S C
Suwas, S
Sahoo, S K
Issue Date: Aug-2014
Citation: 17th International Conference on Textures of Materials, August 24 - 29, 2014, Dresden
Abstract: Texture development during annealing of commercial pure titanium (cp-titanium) was extensively studied. Cp-titanium plates were subjected to rolling, accumulative roll bonding (ARB) and cross-rolling in a laboratory rolling mill. Rolling and cross-rolling was carried out till 90% reduction of thickness while ARB processing was done for six passes. The rolled sheets were then subjected to annealing for a large-range of soaking times starting from 10s to 30 min. The samples were fully annealed after 5 min of annealing, as measured by electron backscattered diffraction. The texture development was different in rolled, ARB processed and cross-rolled samples before annealing. However, beyond 5 min of annealing time the texture was almost similar in all the samples. It was also observed that the texture development was insignificant in ARB processed samples during annealing.
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