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Title: Simple Spectrophatometric Method Validation Of Nifedipine Solid Dosage Form
Authors: Parida, P
Mishra, S C
Tripathy, S P
Keywords: Nifedipine
Uv-Visibl Spectrophotometer
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research
Citation: Indo American Journal of Pharmaceutical Research,Vol 4, Issue 05, May 2014.
Abstract: Simple, sensitive and specific spectrophotometric method was developed for the validation of nifedipine in tablet dosage form in two different brands. Active ingradient showed the absorption maximum in ethanol and chloroform at 235.5 nm and 235 nm respectively. The linearity was established in the concentration range of 2-10 μg/ml for nifedipine in different solvent with correlation coefficient (r2 were found to be in the range of 99.57 - 99.81 % for nifedipine in different brands. Statistically potency of two marketed brands were determined that there were no significant difference between the two brands where ANOVA at f (5,3) =196.0143 and significant level of p-value observed at 0.004. Hence the proposed method can be applied for the routine analysis of active molecule from the formulations.) of 0.997 0.999respectively.Themean % recoveries
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ISSN: 2231-6876
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