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Title: Dielectric relaxations in La2NiMnO6 with signatures of Griffiths phase
Authors: Biswal, A K
Ray, J
Babu, P D
Siruguri, V
Vishwakarma, P N
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: Journal of Applied Physics 115, 194106 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4876723
Abstract: Polycrystalline La2NiMnO6 prepared by sol–gel auto combustion technique is found to possess dual crystallographic phases R-3c (71 vol. %) and Pbnm (29 vol. %), with respective ferromagnetic transitions at 277K and 160 K, respectively. The impedance data are analysed via Havriliak-Negami equivalent for impedance (HNEI). Using HNEI equation, the resistance “R,” relaxation time “s,” and symmetric “a” and asymmetric “b” broadening parameters, for the two crystallographic phases are obtained. The dielectric relaxations for the two crystallographic phases are found to be independent of each other. The activation energy of relaxation for the R-3c and Pbnm phases is found to be 147meV and 88 meV, respectively. Strong correlations of dielectric relaxations with the magnetic phases are seen. Before the onset of ferromagnetic transition, i.e., above 160K for Pbnm and 277K for R-3c phase, relaxations are dominantly non-Debye type. Once the ferromagnetic state is achieved, relaxations attain Debye nature. Hopping type conduction mechanism is confirmed from electrical transport measurements: nearest neighbour hopping near room temperature and gradual transition to variable range hopping (VRH) at low temperature. Signature of short range magnetic ordering, reminiscent to Griffiths like phase, is seen in the temperature range 295K>T>277K.VC 2014 AIP Publishing LLC
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