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Title: Signature of Griffith Singularity in Half Doped LaMn0.5Cu0.5O3
Authors: Biswal, A K
Ray, J
Babu, P D
Siruguri, V
Vishwakarma, P N
Keywords: phase inhomogeneity
Griffith phase
Issue Date: 2014
Publisher: AIP Publishing
Citation: AIP Conference Proceedings 1591, 1630 (2014); doi: 10.1063/1.4873058
Abstract: LaMn0.5Cu0.5O3 synthesized via sol-gel auto combustion method is found to having ferromagnetic ground state. The sample crystallizes in orthorhombic Pbnm space group with lattice parameters (in Angstrom) a = 5.4811(4), b = 5.5236(4), c = 7.7668(6). Evidence of Griffith’s singularity is observed in magnetic susceptibility data. The Griffith temperature (TG) and the exponent (GP) of modified Curie – Weiss law are found to be 36K and 0.984 respectively
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