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Title: Effect of loading speed on deformation of composite materials: a critical review
Authors: Dash, K
Sukumaran, S
Ray, B C
Keywords: Composite: Crosshead Velocity
Loading speed: Strain rate
Issue Date: Mar-2014
Publisher: Advance Research Publications
Citation: Journal of Advanced Research in Manufacturing, Material Science & Metallurgical Engineering, 2014
Abstract: Composite materials possess multiphase and by virtue of this has varied applications in the field of automotives, aerospace and defence industries. These applications demand high impact loading at many instances, so the evaluation of the effect of impact loading on composite materials are important. Under high strain loading the composites mainly exhibit matrix properties but the variation arises when the amount of reinforcement is considered. The response of composite materials to high strain loading for dilute concentration of reinforcement differs than that of highly populated reinforcement material. The loading speed refers to the crosshead velocity which has direct proportionality with strain rate. Loading speed is a experimental parameter which can be altered to study the crashworthiness of a material. This review report contains a brief review of literature on the effect of loading speed on the deformation history of polymer, metal and ceramic matrix composites
Description: Copyright belongs to Advance Research Publications
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