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Title: Energy Efficient Heuristic Resource Allocation for Cloud Computing
Authors: Kumar, D
Sahoo, Bibhudatta
Keywords: Cloud Computing
task consolidation
energy aware
virtual machine
energy-efficient resource allocation
resource utilization
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: CiiT
Citation: International Journal of Artificial Intelligent Systems and Machine Learning, vol.6 no 1, January 2014, pp.32-38.
Abstract: Minimizing the energy consumption in cloud computing environment is one of the key research issues. Power consumed by computing resources and storage in cloud can be optimized through energy aware resource allocation. As the resource utilization by the tasks are directly relates to energy consumption, the task consolidation are being used to optimize the energy consumption. An energy efficient heuristic algorithm has been proposed and compared with three energy-aware task consolidation heuristics by varying number of tasks. The proposed task consolidation algorithm minimizes total energy consumed by the cloud computing system.
Description: Copyright belongs to CiiT
ISSN: 0974 – 9667
0974 – 9543
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