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Title: Design and Implementation of Modified Sliding Mode Controller for a Photovoltaic System
Authors: Kolluru, V R
Mahapatra, K K
Subudhi, B
Keywords: DC DC Boost Converter
Maximum Power Point (MPP)
Sliding Mode Controller (SMC)
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: ICAEE
Citation: International Conference on Advances in Electrical Engineering Date : January 9-11 , 2014 VIT University , Vellore , India.
Abstract: This paper gives an idea about Sliding Mode Controller (SMC) implementation to a DC-DC Boost Converter for a Photovoltaic (PV) system to track Maximum Power Point (MPP). SMC implementation meets three steps (i) Hitting condition, (ii) Existance condition and (iii) Stability condition. Single diode PV model is designed for lighting applications, and PV output is connected to a Boost converter to regulate and increase the voltage upto desired level. SMC is implemented in a feedback manner with capacitor voltage and inductor current. The steady state condition occured very quickly i.e., before 0.1sec, and the results of SMC are compared with PI controller. The models are simulated in MATLAB/SIMULINK.
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