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Title: Study of optimization of composite structures with respect to industrial applications
Authors: Bahubalendruni, M V A Raju
Biswal, B B
Deepak, B B V L
Keywords: Optimization
Composite Structures
Multi shell closed structures
Issue Date: Jan-2014
Publisher: IEEE
Citation: IEEE 8th International Conference on Intelligent System and Control 2014, 10-11th January, 2014, Karpagam University, Coimbatore
Abstract: This paper analyses the existing methodology of employing optimization techniques for structural optimisation of laminated composites at part level (local optimization) and also the limitations of this part level structural optimisation approach in industrial applications. The deviations observed in optimisation problem definition due to implementation of part level optimized solution at the assembly level (global optimisation) are presented. Multi shell closed structure is considered to carry out the numerical experiments, due to the reason; most of the structures of aircraft wing, wind turbine blade and helicopter rotor blades exhibit this configuration. Part level optimization is carried out on a single plate element of a multi shell closed structure and the optimized plate element is replaced in the multi shell closed structure. The observations made after replacement of optimized plate element through performing the numerical experiments are presented and well discussed.
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