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Title: Design & Performance analysis of D-STATCOM for Non-Linear Load Composite Compensation
Authors: Sahu, G
Mahapatra, K K
Sahu, S K
Keywords: D-STATCOM
Issue Date: Nov-2013
Citation: International Conference on Frontiers of Intelligent Computing: Theory and applications (FICTA ), 14-16 November, 2013,BEC, Bhubaneswar
Abstract: This paper investigates the design,analysis and simulation of a Distribution-STATic COMpensator(D-STATCOM) for non-linear load Composite(harmonic and reactive power) compensation on a three phase bus network. Composite compensation is achieved by implementation of a p-q controller, which monitors the load current and injects equal amplitude and opposite phase compensation currents to neutralize load reactive power and harmonics. This ensures the source current remains fundamental. This paper simulated results in MATLAB platform and showed that a D-STATCOM is suited for use in reactive power and harmonic compensation on any bus on a power system network.
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