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Title: Simulation Analysis of Zeta Converter with Continuous and Discontinuous Conduction Modes
Authors: Dash, K M
Satapathy, S
Chitti Babu, B
Keywords: Averaged modelling
averaged switch model
discontinuous conduction mode
continuous conduction mode
PWM converters
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Citation: IEEE Sponsored 1st National Conference on Power Electronics Systems & Applications (PESA 2013) NIT Rourkela 16-17, March 2013.
Abstract: This paper presents a comparative analysis of dynamic computer simulation model for the pulse-width modulation (PWM) ZETA converter working in both discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM). The modelling is performed considering only resistive load. Initially a brief analysis of the converter is presented and then the characteristics that make possible the dynamic analysis in both CCM and DCM are mentioned. The detailed analysis of CCM technique and a generalized switch averaging technique is discussed with the small-signal analysis of the ZETA converter in DCM is presented so that it can be used for DC applications such as battery charging by integrating the converter with a PV array and a MPPT controller. The systems are modeled and simulated in a user friendly MATLAB/Simulink environment. The paper then concludes which strategy is useful for operation with photovoltaic array.
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