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Title: An Elliptic Curve based Hierarchical Cluster Key Management in Wireless Sensor Network
Authors: Sahoo, S K
Sahoo, M N
Keywords: WSN
Issue Date: Jun-2013
Citation: International Conference on Advanced Computing, Networking, and Informatics (ICACNI-2013),12-14th June 2013, Central Institute of Technology, Raipur, Chhattisgarh, India
Abstract: In wireless sensor networks(WSN), because of the absence of physical protection and unattended deployment, the wireless connec- tions are prone to di erent type of attacks. Hence, security is a measure concern in WSN. Moreover, the limited energy, memory and computa- tion capability of sensor nodes, lead to diculty in implementing secu-rity mechanisms e ectively. In this paper we proposed an elliptic curve based hierarchical cluster key management scheme, which is very much secure, have better time complexity and consumes reasonable amount of energy. The proposed work uses digital signature scheme and encryption- decryption mechanisms using elliptic curve cryptography(ECC). As it is using ECC, the same level of security can be achieved with smaller key size compared to other mechanisms. The result shows that the proposed work is faster than Hamed and Khamys work, and it also guards against di erent type of attacks. Energy consumption, number of messages ex- changed and key storage are three other aspects addressed in this work.
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