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Title: Influence of Heat Treatment Parameters on Structure and Mechanical Properties of an HSLA-100 Steel
Authors: Ray, P K
Ganguly, R I
Panda, A K
Keywords: HSLA-100 steel
Mechanical properties
Design of Experiments
Heat treatment
Issue Date: 2002
Publisher: Verlag Stahleisen GmbH, Germany
Citation: Steel Research, Vol 73, No 8, P 347-355
Abstract: An HSLA-100 steel received from the US Naval Research Laboratory has been characterised. The effects of heat treatment parameters such as austenitisation time and temperature, tempering time and temperature on mechanical properties have been studied. The microstructures resulted by different heat treatment conditions have been correlated with mechanical properties through SEM and TEM studies. Quantitative relationships have been developed between mechanical properties and the operational variables within a narrow range of variation of the variables by statistical design of experiments. A quantitative relationship has also been developed for the same for a wider experimental region through curve fitting technique. The best combination of strength and low-temperature toughness was obtained in the region of 700 °C tempering temperature and 0.3-0.4 hours tempering time.
Description: Copyright for this article belongs to Verlag Stahleisen GmbH, Germany
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