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Title: A Comparative Study of Two Control Strategies forThree Phase Shunt Active Power Filter usingAdaptive Hysteresis Band Current Controller
Authors: Swain, S
Panda, P C
Subudhi, B D
Keywords: Adaptive Hysteresis Band Current Controller(AHCC)
Power Quality
Switching Frequency
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Citation: 2nd Students' Conference on Engineering and Systems (SCES 2013) April 12-14, 2013,MNNIT Allahabad
Abstract: A three phase Shunt Active Power Filter (SAPF) is used to compensate the harmonics produced by the nonlinear load and in addition it makes the true power factor unity. In this paper, an Adaptive Hysteresis Band Current Controller (AHCC) is usedtomaintain the switching frequency constant, hence overcoming the drawbacks of hysteresis band current controller (HBC). A Comparative analysis of two reference signal generation technique is presented which shows,indirect control Unit vector PID method is superior in generating the desired reference signal as compared to Synchronous Reference Frame (SRF) method. Various simulation results have been presented under steady-state and transient load condition which demonstrates the effectiveness of using an indirect control Unit vector PID method with AHCC. The proposed three phaseSAPF with AHCC is found to be effective which meets IEEE 519 standard recommended on harmonics levels.
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