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Title: Performance Analysis of Shunt Active Power Filter using PLL based Control Algorithms Under Distorted Supply Condition
Authors: Patjoshi, R K
Mahapatra, K K
Keywords: Modified SRF
Angle Detector SRF
harmonic distortion
distorted line voltage
Issue Date: Apr-2013
Citation: 2nd student conference of Engineering and system(SCES-2013) April-12-14, Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology Allahabad
Abstract: This paper presents three different PLL based control algorithms for shunt active Power filter (SAPF) under the distorted supply condition. Different synchronisation techniques such as Modified SRF (MSRF-PLL), Transformation angle detector and SRF based PLL have been applied to SAPF and analyzed under different distortion conditions of supply voltage. From the simulation results, it is found that the MSRFPLL achieves better performance as compared to other two standard PLL techniques on the basis of THD% (total harmonic distortion). The MSRF-PLL is fast in transient response and robust against disturbances on the grid voltage wave. Here simulation has been carried out using MATLAB under distorted line voltage conditions.
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