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Title: Three step Diamond Search Algorithm for Fast Block-Matching Motion Estimation
Authors: Reddy, B K V
Meher, S
Keywords: Block motion estimation
block matching algorithm
search pattern
three step search
diamond search
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Citation: International Conference on Electrical, Electronics, Communications and Photonics, Goa, 31st March, 2013
Abstract: Based on the study of motion vector distribution from several commonly used test image sequences,a three step diamond search [TSDS]algorithm for fast block matching motion estimation is proposed in this paper .The performance of this algorithm is compared with other existing algorithms by means of error metrics and no of search points in this the simulation results shows that the proposed three step diamond search algorithm achieves close performance with that of diamond search [DS] and uses less no of search points than the three step search[TSS]. When compared with original diamond search [DS] algorithm, this algorithm requires less computation time and gives an improved performance.
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ISBN: 978-93-81693-88-19
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