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Title: Interference Suppression using De-correlating Rake Receiver in case of WCDMA
Authors: Patel, S
Patra, S K
Keywords: WCDMA
de-correlating matched filter
rake receiver
Issue Date: Mar-2013
Citation: International Conference on Emerging trends in Communication Computing and Nanotechnology, Tamil Nadu, 25th-26th march 2013
Abstract: Rake receivers are used for the detection of transmitted data in case of WCDMA communication systems due to its resistance to multipath fading. But rake receiver treat multiuser interference(MUI) as AWGN and have limitation in overcoming the effect of multiple access interference (MAI) when the SNR is high. A de-correlating matched filter has been used in this paper, which eliminates and improves system performance. Simulated results show a significant performance improvement for De-correlating RAKE receiver in terms of BER compared to a rake receiver. The performance of the de-correlating receiver for different spreading factor is also analysed.
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