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Title: Performance enhancement of power line communication
Authors: Goyal, A
Patra, S K
Keywords: Power line communication
Smart grid
Channel model
Transfer function
modulation schemes
Issue Date: Feb-2013
Citation: 2013 International Conference on Information Communication and Embedded Systems (ICICES), 21 Feb - 22 Feb 2013, S.A. Engineering College Chennai, Tamilnadu, India
Abstract: The objective of this paper is to address the problem and reaching out to the solution of the best possible technique for modulating a signal so as to transfer it successfully over a channel while ensuring the speed and robustness of the channel. The main purpose of doing so is to upgrade the performance of the PLC mainly for smart grid applications. To achieve this there is a requirement to go through the glimpse of history and approach towards exploration of most recent technological advances in this field. To do so the very first step is to do the circuit analysis and modeling of the indoor power line communication and the second is the determination of control and traffic problems. Then we will approach toward the channel analysis using different modulation schemes, at the very same time the speed and robustness of the channel should be the very first requirement, so OFDM could be one of the best candidate, however in case of interfacing between wired and wireless communication (as required in case of long haul communication and power failure) CDMA could prove to be a more useful one.
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