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Title: Health & Health Seeking Behavior: A Socio economic Analysis of Malaria in Tribal Odisha
Authors: Mishra, N R
Issue Date: Jan-2013
Citation: National conference on Health Cultures and Tribal Communities: Emerging Research Agenda and Policy Shifts, January 2-4, 2013, Hyderabad
Abstract: From time immemorial, human diseases and illnesses are said to have originated out of discrepancies related to religious beliefs, magical mysteries and supernatural dogmas and that too having a varieties of references in different cultural domain. Illnesses such as malaria have been conceptualized differently by different communities in traditional societies throughout the globe. The perception about the causes of malaria varies not only among different cultures but also among individuals depending on their socioeconomic background. Since few decades malaria has became a serious issue in country like India. The high burden populations are ethnic tribes living in the forested pockets of the states like Orissa, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh and the North Eastern states which contribute bulk of morbidity and mortality due to malaria in the country. With the above background the present paper taking some anthropological methodologies into account has tried to explain the Saoura’s perceptions, beliefs, and practices towards malaria. It also attempts to depict the etiology of malaria, different factors responsible for malaria and coping with the same. The study reveals that the social and ecological set up act as major causes of high prevalence of malaria among this tribe. The etiology and healing system are found to be associated with the magico-religious beliefs.
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